15 July 2020

Challenge accepted.

How often do you accept a challenge head on to be the best version of yourself? Whatever the situation, challenge accepted.

We are standing by to assist you and bring you peace of mind wherever your food endeavours may take you. 

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Superfood – an exposé

Superfoods are hailed by superfood companies, foodies and marketers as the answer to all of our health-related concerns. But are we aware of the potential risks? Read more

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Download Infographic | CBD is not a foodstuff

Since the Constitutional Court ruling in 2018 indicating that the provisions for cannabis in the Medicines and Related Substances (MRS) Act were unconstitutional, there has been much confusion about how to categorise cannabis-containing products. On 22 May 2020, new amendments to the scheduling of medicines were published to provide clarity. Read more

We have updated our infographic to include these amendments.  


Our Online SA Food Labelling Regulations Workshop registrations are open. Grow your knowledge and gain a better understanding of all relevant regulations relating to the labelling of foods. Register here to join us.


Buffalo milk: Is it a safe alternative for cow’s milk-allergic consumers?

There are a variety of sources providing contradicting answers to this question, with some of these sources advocating that buffalo milk is a perfectly safe replacement for cow’s milk. Because of the overwhelming amount of information available to consumers on the internet, the signal-to-noise ratio is low; this makes it difficult to glean the truth from the fiction. It is therefore extremely important to have reliable scientific backing when attempting to determine the safety of a food product. Read more

The FACTS laboratory was the first in South Africa to offer commercial detection and quantification of common food allergens. Contact us for more information on our Allergen testing and Interpretation services today.


Common indicators of food fraud

Food fraud is a challenge that must be mitigated in every supply chain. Although we are yet to see the expected rise in food fraud as a result of global governmental reaction to SARS COV-2, it is likely that the peak is still coming, as many supply chains are taking strain. 

When supply does not meet demand, as we saw early in lockdown, supply chains are more susceptible to fraudulent activity. Working in the food industry, often we forget that we too are consumers; and when food fraud occurs in the supply chain, our lives and our families are affected just as much as our food businesses. Here are some examples of common indications that food fraud has occured: Read more.

You can find all our services including Allergen Testing, Food Fraud Prevention, Food Regulations and Standards, Consumer Assurance programs, Testing and Interpretation, Training and Facilitation on our website. Contact us now for more information.


The cost of not prioritizing a circular economy

‘Sustainability practices’, ‘circular economy’, and ‘greening your business’ – for most companies, in most parts of the world, these are functions of business that are seen as important to have, but which are not prioritised over strategic business decisions. Yes, perhaps in some cases businesses are regulated to implement environment-conserving actions, or resource scarcities such as energy shortages have forced alternative options to be applied. The question remains: are businesses really living, breathing and prioritising circular economy practices? Read more

You can find the link to the Alert level 3 Regulations, Second amendment published on our COVID-19 webpage under Regulatory Resources.


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