Change is as good as a holiday, so, combine your seasonal spring clean with seriously stunning decor updates for the ultimate in home rejuvenation from room to room. And since spring is often about going out with the old and in with the new, there is no better way to spread the feeling throughout your home than with some of our favourite spring home decor trends for 2019.

Your guide to creating a stress-free home

The home is supposed to be a safe and stress-free space where one relaxes, recharges, and spend quality time with loved ones. That puts a rather important emphasis on the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and any other space in the home, doesn’t it? Read more

Liven up your home this Spring 

Spring is finally here. Everywhere you look there are new green leaves on the trees, flower buds and of course the chirping of the birds. Spring brings with it a feeling of freshness and energy.  Read more

Interior decor & design trends for Spring

Oh how we love the feeling of spring, after the grey cold weather – we welcome the warmth of spring and the feeling of life it brings into our homes and lives. It’s time to bring back the colourful explosion of fresh floral blooms, lighter paint colours, softer textures, greenery – good bye faux fur (for now).


Timeless Nursury Design Trends

Less furniture and clutter leaves more space for the ever important tummy time and special moments for you and your little one. Clean cut furniture and neutral tones make for a timeless nursery. Keeping all your furniture and walls neutral can also extend its life for your little ones room. Read more

Trending: Sustainable Product Design

There has never been a more important time to preserve our natural resources and the environment we live in such as now. Amongst many other trends in design, there is one such trend that we know is not a fad and that is manufacturing products from sustainable material. Read more


September not only marks the beginning of Spring, it also marks the month of Heritage Day and Braai month. Celebrate #braaiday on the 24th of September with this juicy LAMB & APRICOT SOSATIES recipe by My Kitchen.


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